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These days France use more conventional wheeled vehicles instead of tracked vehicles. The reasoning is that wheeled vehicles are more reliable & with modern mechanical technology there are not a lot of places they can't go, plus generally, tracked vehicles have to be transported by special carriers which then multiplies the amount of vehicles, resources & personnel needed for transportation to areas of conflict.

Renault Sherpa 5 Light Military Truck

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French WW2 Military Vehicles

Little information is available about French military utilitarian ground vehicles used in WW2. Below are a few examples of French military vehicles built since WW2, along with basic technical data. To view comprehensive listings and history of WWII military ground vehicles, including tanks from around the world go to this Wikipedia link.

French Military Peugeot P4 4x4 Light Utility Vehicle

Peugeot P4

Designed in collaboration with Mercedes, this light utility vehicle is based on the Mercedes G Class but fitted with a Peugeot mechanicals.

The Peugeot P4 competed for the French Army  requirement against Renault and Citroen designs. In 1981 after extensive trials the Peugeot P4 was selected. Its production commenced in 1982

Engine: Peugeot XN8 Petrol, 78hp

Drive: 4 x 4

Speed: 118 km/h

Range: 600 km

Crew: Max 4

Weight: 1.75 tons


French Military Acmat ALTV

Acmat ALTV

A light utility / recon vehicle with 4 wheel drive & an impressive operational range making it highly suitable for desert recon work. In addition a range of weaponry can be utilized on its pickup type rear end. Options include a self recovery winch, centrally inflatable tires & a deep water kit.

Engine: 2.5 ltr. Diesel, 190hp

Speed: 160 km/h

Range: 1600 kms

Crew / Passengers: up to 10 persons

Length: 5.3 mtrs.

Width: 1.9 mtrs


French Military Acmat Bastion PATSAS

Acmat Bastion PATSAS

This is an open top, 4x4 armored vehicle designed for patrol, recon and military ground operations that need speed and mobility.

It is ideal for use in desert conditions & has a 1000km operational range & run flat / blast resistant tires.

Engine: 5.0 ltr. Diesel 180 & 215hp options

Transmission: 5 speed manual or auto.

Speed: 110 km/h

Range: 1000 km

Length: 6 mtrs.

Width: 2.2 mtrs


Renault Sherpa 2

Renault Sherpa 2 Armored Cab Version

This light tactical military vehicle based on the US HMMWV has many similar features including a variable tire pressure system operated by the driver & ideal for travelling over sand and slippery terrain. The ground clearance of this vehicle is marginally higher than that of the Humvee. Run flat tires & a deep water kit are also available.

Engine: Renault 4.8 Turbo Diesel, 215hp

Transmission: Automatic

Speed: 120 km/h

Range: 900 km

Length: 5.3 mtr

Width: 2.2 mtr


French Army Renault Sherpa 3

Renault Sherpa 3

Mechanically the Sherpa 3 is similar to the Sherpa 2 having the same engine, transmission & drive.

Overall it longer and wider and has an option for a cab kit that gives added protection against small arms fire, artillery shrapnel, IEDs and mines.

The basic model has a flat bed rear & two man cab. Other configurations are optional.

Engine: Renault 4.8 Turbo Diesel, 215hp

Transmission: Automatic

Speed: 120 km/h

Range: 900 km

Length: 6.26 mtr

Width: 2.35 mtr


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