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Austrians loyally supported Germany through the early years of World War II. The early German military victories and Austria's geographic location beyond the reach of Allied bombers shielded the Austrian population from the full impact of the war. Only after the German defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad in early 1943, when the course of the war increasingly turned against Germany, did popular support for the war and for the Anschluss begin to erode.

Austrian Pinzgauer 710K 4x4

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Austrian WW2 Military Vehicles

There are many different types of military ground vehicles designed for specific uses in various arenas of conflict, such as tanks and self propelled guns, but here we are focusing mainly on Austrian World War II utility, recon & personnel vehicles which carry limited or no weaponry.

Below are a few examples of Austrian WWII military vehicles of interest in this category, along with basic data. To view comprehensive listings and history of WWII military ground vehicles, including tanks from around the world go to this Wikipedia link.

Austrian ADGZ A35 Mittlere Panzerwagen

ADGZ A35 Mittlere Panzerwagen

Also known as the A35 Mittlere Panzerwagen, this vehicle built by Steyr was used by both the Austrian & German forces during World War 2.

Excellent rough terrain capabilities was made possible by an 8 x 8 configuration.

The angled 11mm armor plating gave excellent protection against small arms fire.

Engine: Austro Daimler 6cyl. 12 Litre

Suspension: Wheeled, 8 x 8

Speed: 45 mph / 75 km/h

Range: 280 miles

Crew: 6

Length: 6.25 mtrs.

Width: 2.15 mtrs.


Ford M8 Greyhound

Ford M8 Greyhound

Manufactured by Ford USA this 6 x 6 armored personnel carrier saw action in Austria & many other countries during WW2.

The M8 pictured was used by the Austrian B Gendarmerie in WW2 for patrolling in the American Zone.

Engine: Hercules JXD 6 cyl. 110hp

Suspension: Wheeled, 6 x 6. Leaf springs

Speed: 56 mph

Range: 350 miles

Crew: 3

Length: 16 ft.

Width: 8 ft.


Raupenschlepper Ost. German WWII Military Tractor

Raupenschlepper Ost / RSO

The translation of the name is 'Caterpillar Tractor East'. It was basically a truck on tracks which was necessary for getting supplies & heavy weaponry to the Soviet frontlines through thick mud & snow.

The same chassis was also later used for a self-propelled antitank vehicle armed with a PaK 40 gun.

Engine: Steyr V8 3.5l / 8-cyl Petrol. 85 hp or a 66 hp Deutz diesel air-cooled engine.

Transmission: 4 forward, 1 reverse

Suspension: 4 steel disk wheels on each side, mounted in pairs with elliptic springs.

Range: 300 mi / 480 km

Speed: 18 mph / 30 km/h


Austrian & German Military Steyr 1500A Truck

Steyr 1500A Truck

This was one of the many personnel / transport vehicles designed to meet the Wehrmacht's requirement for a standard 1,5 ton truck. The chassis of the Steyr 1500A and the later, stronger Steyr 2000A were also used for fire trucks, omnibuses, ambulances, radio vehicles, and different types of cargo carriers

Engine: Steyr V8 3500cc, 85hp

Transmission: 4 forward / 1 reverse

Speed: 90 km/h

Wheelbase: 3.25m

Length: 5.08m

Width: 2.03m

Height: 2.32m


Steyr 1500A Staff Car Austria

Steyr 1500A Staff Car

Marshal Manneheim used one of these staff cars, one of the many variants based on the same chassis as the 1500A truck

Engine: Steyr V8 3500cc, 85hp

Transmission: 4 forward / 1 reverse

Speed: 95 km/h

Wheelbase: 3.25m

Length: 5.08m

Width: 2.03m

Height: 2.32m


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