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Many of China's urban centers, industrial resources, and coastal regions were occupied by Japan for most of WW2. China suffered a large death toll from the war, both military and civilian. The Chinese Nationalist army suffered some 3.2 million casualties, and 17 million civilians died in the crossfire. After the war, being allies against the Germans & Japanese, China became one of the main victorious countries and have since developed their military capabilities.

Chinese Military Dongfeng EQ2050

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Chinese WW2 Military Vehicles

Little information is available about any military ground vehicles that were made in China during its conflict with Japan during WWII. As China was considered an ally by the USA & Russia during this time much military assistance in the form of armaments & vehicles was given by these two countries.

Below are a few examples of Chinese military vehicles built since WW2, along with basic technical data. To view comprehensive listings and history of WWII military ground vehicles, including tanks from around the world go to this Wikipedia link.

Beijing Auto BJ2022 ‘Brave Warrior’ Chinese Military Vehicle

Beijing Auto BJ2022 ‘Brave Warrior’

A multi purpose utility vehicle, it was designed in collaboration with Chrysler & has many similarities to the US Jeep, although it is longer & wider & uses the Nissan diesel engine.

It is mainly operated by the Chinese army, but has also found uses by the paramilitary & law enforcement departments.

Engine: Nissan 3.2L Diesel, 140 hp

Drive: Wheeled, 4 x 4

Speed: 120 km/h

Range: 1000 km

Crew: Max 5


Chinese Military Norinco Type 63 - YW531

Norinco Type 63 - YW531

Manufactured in China by the Yong Ding Machinery Factory in the early sixties, this armored personnel carrier was a result of design collaboration with the Soviets.

Approximately 10,000 units were produced, many of them being sold to other countries such as Iraq, Albania, Vietnam & Bangladesh.

Engine: KHD BF8L 413F Turbo Diesel, 8 cyl.

Speed: 65 km/h

Range: 500 kms

Crew: 2

Length: 5.5 mtrs.

Width: 3 mtrs


Chinese Military Fast Attack Vehicle

Fast Attack Vehicle 2001

Allowing a variety of weapons to be fitted, this vehicle is basically a dune buggy designed to be parachuted into conflict zones by the Chinese Army Airborne Division for lightning attacks.

Not much technical info is available apart from the fact it has a rear mounted engine with, it is believed, two wheel drive from the rear.

Engine: Not known

Weight: 1950 kg

Payload: 800 kg

Length: 4 mtrs.

Width: 2 mtrs

Height: 2.21 mtrs


Dongfeng EQ2050

Dongfeng EQ2050

This light utility vehicle is basically a Chinese copy of the US HMMWV but with the exterior re-designed slightly to give it a different look.

With its wide track designed to easily follow battle tanks, high ground clearance & its 4 x 4 drive, it is a highly manouverable vehicle which can do what the Humvee does.

Engine: Cummins EQB150-20 diesel, 150hp

Transmission: 5 speed

Speed: 120 km/h

Range: 500 km+

Length: 4.7 mtr

Width: 2.1 mtr

Height: 1.75 mtr


Chinese Army FAW MV3 General Utility Truck

FAW MV3 General Utility Truck

FAW is the Chinese state owned manufacturer First Automobile Works who first started production of this vehicle for the Chinese Army in 2011.

With an option of either 4x4 or 6x6 drive configurations it has been designed to operate in all conditions to supply frontline requirements.

Engine: 8.6 Ltr. Diesel

Transmission: Automatic

Drive: 4 x 4 or 6 x 6

Payload: 10 tons

Tires: Central inflation system

Cab: Single or double option


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