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Although the Land Rover is thought of as one of the most versatile vehicles in use by the British Military, it never served in WWII. A batch was delivered to the British Army in 1949 & after thorough testing was found to be an ideal platform for many military uses.

A more rugged, similar type of vehicle, the Austin Champ, was also introduced at around the same time but this was only around five years owing to the continuing success of the Land Rover.

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For 1980 AML90 Panhard. New complete Panhard 4HD petrol motor. Also, distributor for 4HD. Offers of used or rebuilt considered. 20 dummy rounds suitable for D921 90mm Giat Industries F1 gun. Replica or decommissioned 7.62mm MAS coaxial machine gun 2400 dummy rounds for machine gun. Panhard AML series orignal night vision equipment. Any and all externally mounted ancillary equipment of the period suitable to the vehicle.

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1945 FORD GPW the car start and run great, Asking for $21000 including shipping.

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1943 Zundapp Ks750 with sidecar. Perfectly restored with all original parts . The bike will make a good collection and personal bike. $23,000

British WW2 Military Vehicles

There are many different types of military ground vehicles designed for specific uses in various arenas of conflict, such as tanks and self propelled guns, but here we are focusing mainly on British World War II utility, recon & personnel vehicles which carry limited or no weaponry.

Universal Carrier / Bren Gun Carrier

This vehicle was used widely by all British military forces during WWII. Universal Carriers were generally used for transporting troops and equipment, or as a weapon platform. With around 113,000 built by 1960 in the United Kingdom and abroad, it is the most produced armored fighting vehicle in history.

Universal Carrier / Bren Gun Carrier

Engine: Ford V8 petrol. 85 hp @ 3,500 rpm

Suspension: Horstmann

Fuel: 20 imp gal / 56.8 L

Range: 150 mi / 250 km

Speed: 30 mph / 48 km/h

Weight: 3.25 tons unladen


Daimler 'Dingo' Scout Car

The first prototype was built in 1939 and was to become the Daimler Scout Car, but was also known as the Dingo after a design by Alvis. It was a compact two-man armoured car initially with four wheel steering which inexperienced drivers found difficult. This was replaced to two wheel steering on later models.

Daimler Dingo Scout Car

Engine: 2.5L 6cyl Daimler. 55hp.

Transmission: Pre-selector gearbox, five gears forward and 5 gears reverse

Suspension: Independent, coil spring

Range: 200 mi / 320 km

Speed: 55 mph / 89 km/h


Humber Armored Car

Manufactured by the Rootes Group, this model was based on the Guy Armored Car body as Guy could not keep up with sufficient production needs at the time. The Mk.I was armed with one 15 mm and one 7.92 mm calibre Besa machine guns. It had a three man crew: driver, gunner & commander. About 300 units were built.

Humber Mk.IV Armored Car

Engine: Rootes 6 cyl. 90hp

Suspension: Rigid front and rear axles, rear wheel drive with selectable 4x4.

Range: 200 miles / 320 km

Speed: 50 mph / 80 km/h

Weight:  5 tons

Armor: 15mm


Morris Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC)

The cabin had an unusual arrangement with the three man crew sitting side by side, the driver being in the middle, a crewman manning a small multi-sided turret mounting Bren Gun at the right side, and the other with a Boys .55 inch anti-tank rifle mounted in brackets in the hatches on the hull roof. From 1940 to 1944 over 2,200 were built.

WW.II Morris Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC)

Engine: Studebaker Model 6-170 Champion 6-cylinder 70 hp (52 kW)

Suspension: Tracked

Range: 165 miles / 266 km

Speed: 36 mph / 58 km/h

M29C: Buoyancy cells front & rear + twin rudders


Rolls Royce Armored Car

Although this vehicle was originally produced for service in the First World War, the remaining 76 were subsequently pressed into service in the Western Desert at the beginning of WWII. By 1942 there were much more modern & effective vehicles available & the Rolls Royce was then dropped from service.

Engine: Rolls Royce 6 cyl. 80hp

Suspension: 4x2 wheel (double rear wheels) Leaf spring.

Range: 150 miles / 240 km

Speed: 45 mph / 72 km/h

Weight:  4.7 tons

Armor: 12mm


Austin K2/Y Ambulance

The K2/Y could take ten casualties sitting, or four stretcher cases. The interior dimensions were approximately 2.6 meters long, 2.0 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. At the rear of the vehicle there were two large doors. From the driver's cab the wounded could also be accessed through a small internal door with a seat. The exterior was mainly made from painted canvas.

Military Austin K2/Y Ambulance

Engine: Austin 3462cc 6cyl. 60hp

Transmission: 4 speed

Fuel: 24 imp gal / 54.5 ltrs.

Range: 240 miles / 386.2 km

Speed: 50 mph / 80 km/h

Weight: 3 tons 1½ cwt / 3124 kg

Manufactured: 13,102


Bedford QL Truck

At the commencement of World War 2 Bedford were commissioned to build a rugged 4x4 truck. Several variants of the QLR Radio Comms truck as pictured were made during the course of WWII, these included the QLB Bofors Gun Tractor, QLC Fire Engine, QLD General Cargo Truck, QLT Troop Carrier & QLW Tipper Truck.

Bedford Q series radio communications truck 1944 2800cc.jpg

Engine: Bedford 6cyl 3,519cc / 214.7ci

Drive: 4 x 4

Range: 156 miles / 250 km

Payload capacity: 3 tons

Weight: 7,225 lbs. / 3,277 kgs. empty

Manufactured: 52,247


Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor

The Morris C8 was a popular vehicle although really too small for all the equipment that was carried. It was also underpowered when towing and loaded. Moving 9 tons with a 70 bhp engine was difficult, especially going uphill. Constant use had to be made of the winch on hills and on muddy roads.

WW2 British Military Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor

Engine: Morris EH, 4-cyl 3.5 litre / 214ci

Drive: 4 x 4

Range: 160 miles / 257 km

Payload capacity: 3 tons

Weight: 3.3 tons / 3400 kgs

Speed:  50 mph / 80 km/h

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